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February, 2020

Multiple career avenues have opened up in the field of music. One can become a musician or a performance artist or can choose to be a music educator. Know your options.S

The great violin teacher Shinichi Suzuki once said "The purpose of [music] education is to train children, not to be professional musicians but to be fine musicians and to show high ability in any other field they enter."

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True to Suzuki’s words, music education presents immense benefits to an individual in the long run and we have several testimonials in our history that prove his words. One such testimonial is in the form of Albert Einstein who is considered this world’s greatest physicist. In his own words, “The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music is the driving force behind this intuition. My parents had me study the violin from the time I was six. My new discovery is the result of musical perception”. One can’t simply ignore the words of the world’s greatest minds!

There have been numerous surveys and research work done by neuroscientists across the globe to de-mystify the magical correlation between music and brain development. In a nutshell, all these studies have shown that music is indeed very beneficial in the development of brain and when we have plentiful evidence in hand that validates the virtue of music; we are stumped as to why Music is not an integral part of our education or child growth? This pertinent question is now inspiring the educational institutes to expand their educational curriculum by including music.

Music binds the body and mind to work together in harmony. According to various researches, learning music facilitates and enhances the learning ability of children which is inevitably used in other aspects of life as well. Music learning also helps develop the motor social and emotional skills in children along with improving the overall literacy rates as well. Learning to play an instrument includes improving hand-to-eye coordination, ear-to-hand coordination.

Music is a form of expression which evidently and eventually affects the overall personality of an individual in a positive way; creating stronger individuals due to an improved mental health. And it’s not just about the developmental aspects but music is simple and pure joy.

Music as a Career Opportunity

Over the years multiple career avenues have opened up in the field of music. One can become a musician or a performance artist or can choose to be a music educator. And while we all understand the importance of music education, today’s youth needs to be made aware of these options available in the field of music.

The options are endless for a person who has an inclination to build a career in the field of music. Here are some broad categories one can pursue such as:

Musician/ Performance artist

  • Individual vocalist/Band member

  • Music instrument performer in any capacity including brass, percussion, wind, strings or keyboard

  • Composer

  • Conductor

Music educator has an opportunities in the following areas

  • Music schools

  • General music teacher in elementary and secondary schools

  • Band/Choir/Orchestra teacher in an education institute

  • Private music instructor

Radio/TV/Film – Another very popular field

  • You can be a Radio Jockey/Video Jockey/Disc Jockey

  • Music editor

  • Audio Producer

  • Radio or TV promoter for an artist or label

Music Therapist

Song Writer/Composer

Music critic

Music Journalist

Music Education

Mandatory music education is the need of the hour. While a lot of educational institutes are waking up to this call, there is still a lot of ground that need to be covered. Every child needs to be given a primary music education just like other subjects. Educational institutes these days are collaborating with music schools to interweave music education in their current curriculum. Music schools are relentlessly carrying ahead the torch of spreading music education all over the country.

In the present time the courses and programmes proposed by musical institutes have specifically designed by leading educators from across the world that include modern and effective methods of teaching using the latest techniques along with the important and essential elements of traditional music learning.

It’s a long road ahead and the foundation is just being laid. Everyone needs to lay a brick in this journey called music. You be a student or a teacher in the field of music – you will continue to learn, grow and evolve in a better person, a better professional.

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