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August, 2018

Newspaper is a very good source of information. It has various sections and topics. It covers almost all topics. World’s events and political affairs are also highlighted. Newspaper strengthens the vocabulary and grammar of reader.

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10 benefits of reading newspaper for students are highlighted in this article.

1. It strengthens reading of students

Newspaper is the best source to strengthen reading for student. Student develops habit of reading newspaper daily. Reading is a very healthy activity. Reading habit makes student active learner. Student gets full command on reading with the passage of time.

2. It enhances the vocabulary of student

Daily reading of newspapers increases the repertoire of student’s vocabulary. Student learns different words from newspaper. Student can note down difficult words with meanings. This increases vocabulary of students. Good vocabulary helps to write impressive essays and assignments.

3. It gives useful information on politics

Different political aspects are presented on newspaper. Political students can get a vast range of political information from newspaper. Students should make a habit to read political news, this increases student’s political knowledge.

4. It is a best source to enhance general knowledge

Students who read newspaper daily are very good at general knowledge. They score very high in general knowledge quizzes. Their reading habit enhances their critical understanding as well.

5. It keeps student updated with current developments of country and the world

Newspaper keeps student updated with the latest happenings of country and the world. Various economic, political and social events are updated. International relations and foreign policies are discussed.Newspaper keeps student updated with the latest happenings of country and the world. Various economic, political and social events are updated. International relations and foreign policies are discussed.

6. Students get useful ideas and topics for researches/projects

Students get useful ideas about their research proposals. Newspaper is a handy source to get multiple topics and ideas. Latest researches are also discussed in newspaper.

7. Student’s writing skill enhances

Reading newspaper enhances writing skills of students. The writing style is improved and he embellishes his essays and assignments to impress his instructors. The professors get good impression and student scores good grades in exams as well.

8. Entertainment and sports news

Students get entertainment and sports news. Different sport events are discussed and students get to know about different famous personalities of the sports’ world. The entertainment and sports news are also very important for students. They can also get unique and different ideas about vogue and latest trends.

9. Students get useful information on latest discoveries and inventions

Latest discoveries and inventions are published on the newspapers. Students can get their course related information from newspapers.

10. It makes student a good orator

Student gets information on various topics from newspaper. He becomes a good orator and it helps him in taking active part in debates and speeches. This is very necessary for an orator to possess sound knowledge on multiple topics. When a student possesses knowledge on different topics, he can speak in front of others. It enhances the confidence of student level.

These are the benefits of reading newspaper for students. Newspaper not only enhances student’s vocabulary but it enables them to read, write and speak in a better and impressed way.

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