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January, 2020

Preparation is a state of mind and it demands time and continuous practice. The confidence you will reflect on the final day of the interview is the result of all your prior dedication and hard work. At Lovely Professional University, the preparation for placement starts from the very first semester because during MBA time has the highest worth.

Junior Colleges for Science and Commerce in Ghodbunder Road Thane - Saraswati Vidyalaya - Integration of academics, certificates and co-curricular activities is required to crack placements
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Some tips & tricks to keep in mind from the very first day are the following:

  1. Make yourself presentable: Everything is for the final day of the interview. An interview starts from the moment you enter the room. The way you present yourself, your body language speaks a lot about you. The only way to ace the game of well-groomed personality is practice. Work on yourself, stay groomed and make yourself comfortable while wearing formals.

  2. Enhance your skills: For most companies, the first step of selection and mass elimination is a general aptitude test. You can master neither aptitude nor general knowledge overnight. So keep on practicing aptitude under a time limit. Along with aptitude, keep polishing your communication and enrich it with vocabulary. As an MBA graduate, you must know that effective communication is the key to success.

  3. Academics: MBA will grind with continuous projects, hands-on training, certification courses but under the co-curricular burden don’t compromise with your academics. Academics i.e your technical skills go hand-in-hand with aptitude and communication.

  4. Get your certificates: There are several certification courses you could pick, either online or offline, free or paid. Choose the courses which go with the specialisation your dream company demands of and start burning your night oil to complete the courses and get your certificates. Make sure to be conceptually sound as you can get any sort of questions from the interviewers’ side related to your certificates. Certifications not only count courses, but certificates are also available from projects and internships which add high value to your CV.

  5. Keep updating your CV: Invest an ample amount of time while preparing your basic CV and then keep updating it. This is what most interviewers will have questions about. Make sure to be completely honest while preparing the CV. Any topics you aren’t confident about don’t add in the CV.

  6. The all-over integration of your academics, certificates, experiences, co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities will give you the perfect push to crack any job interview either on- or off-campus.

    Placement cell of LPU

    LPU has a highly-dedicated placement cell. The university’s placement cell is highly dedicated. Once the student is registered then the placement team puts high effort to polish each and every student individually.

    They provide every possible input, starting from extra classes which focus on aptitude, communication and personality development to conducting continuous tests and student assessment. The placement cell of LPU is highly regulated with proper terms and conditions. The students who fail or deny following the policies, they are warned initially then fined and finally debarred from availing the placement facility from the university. LPU hosts more than 200 companies for MBA placements offering the highest packages up to Rs 21 lakh per annum and an average package of Rs 6-7 lakh per annum.

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