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May, 2022

While the joys of parenting are nearly enormous in nature and is a feeling that is unmatched, it invariably comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of them is certainly arranging the best possible education for your kids. Quality of education generally shapes the kind of person your child would grow into and thus it is really important.

Best CBSE School in Ghodbunder Road Thane | 5 Things to Teach Kids Before Sending Them to School

Education of a child does not start from a preschool but from home itself. School prepares your child for the future but it’s the parents themselves who prepare their children for school. There are certain things parents need to teach their child before enrolling them for their primary education. If you want a guide, here is one we have prepared for you.

Cleanliness and hygiene

These are basics that need to be taught by parents even before schooling starts. Teach your child to clean themselves and the washroom after using it. Tell them about the infection caused by not maintaining hygiene.

Togetherness and teamwork

It is important for your child to learn to gel with others before being exposed to classmates. Teach them to be compassionate with others and do well in a group. Teach them that quarrelling and fighting with others is wrong.

The basics

Parents often emphasize on teaching their children alphabets and counting before schooling. Before that, educate your child about body parts, shapes, colours and names of animals and birds, so that your child is not completely confused in school.

Eat by themselves

Children are often pampered and fed by their parents. There is no problem in that but you need to make sure your kids know to eat by themselves before joining school. Also, teach them to wash their hands after eating.


Teaching your child at a tender age to say sorry for their mistakes and thank people when they receive something will take them far.

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