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March, 2019

A student's performance in Class-10 board exams is considered crucial as it can help candidates to decide on a stream for 10+2 education.

Choosing a stream is a crucial decision as it plays an important role in shaping the student's career and future. Students have to consider various factors before making a choice.

Class 10 State Board school in Thane
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Here are some tips for choosing a stream after Class-10.

1. Know what is your interest or ambition in life

The first and foremost thing students should do before choosing a stream after completing Class 10 is to identify their interests or ambition in their life.

Knowing what they want to do will help them understand or judge which stream would best suit them.

Before making a choice, they should also consider which subjects are their favorites or those that they are good at.

2. It is essential to consider your strengths and weaknesses

It is also important for students to make a decision keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses. If a student is interested in some stream but is not good at the related subjects, they should not choose the stream to avoid trouble.

3. Know the career options for each stream

Before deciding on a stream after Class 10, students should also know the career options of various streams.

For example, if a student chooses science, they will generally have engineering, medicine, and sciences related options among popular ones. Commerce stream students will have options like accounting, finance, marketing, business, economics, etc. while humanities students will have literature, history, art, media studies, journalism, etc.

4. If you aren't able to decide, take help of others

As mentioned before, choosing a stream post Class 10 is a huge decision and some students might get confused.

In such cases, where students are not able to take a decision on their own, they can take help of career counselors, teachers, parents, or seniors to plan their next step.

Students can get their doubts cleared, discuss the options they have, and get guidance.

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